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Spire's solution for hosting a charity fishing event!

Event - Note:
Hosting a charity fishing tournament is a great way to support your organization in conjunction with getting some fresh air with friends and family!

Event - Note:
Chinook keeps track of participant catches and is a great way to create and manage awesome contests. 

Take a look at what is in store when Chinook is released!

If you would like to take a close look at what Chinook will offer, please contact:
Mark Ayres 
(800) 545 - 0806
We can arrange for you to log in to a development model of Chinook.

Breeze Chinook

Chinook Is In Development and will be coming soon!

Here are some features Chinook will have to manage a charity fishing tournament:

If your organization currently host or is interested in hosting a charity fishing tournament, Chinook will be your online tournament management solution.

Chinook will manage your event from the very beginning to it's end.   

* Create and document "Benefactors" and items donated to your event.
* Sell silent auction items and sponsorships.

* Create a list of boats & assign teams and or participants to a boat(s).

* Create teams and assign starting times.

* Create participant records for keeping track of purchase, stored credit cards and payments.

* Create contests - individual & team.

* Assign prizes to winning individuals or team contests.

* Create and assign sponsorships to individual, boats or teams.

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