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Breeze Luft

Spire's rapid deployment tool

Your organization and Spire work together to determine what Spire solution best fits your needs. We will then work together to either reactivate your Spire Account, or if you are new to Spire we will gather and submit your application for the establishment of your merchant services account.

Choosing the right Charity Event Management solution is never an easy decision.  Once the decision has been made, the last thing an organization needs to contend with is a complicated or delayed deployment of their software.   That is why Spire has developed our own proprietary deployment tool.  

We have named our deployment tool "Luft"  and luft is designed for speed!  Here is how Luft works in getting your your own customized Spire Event Management Solution.

That is just how easy it is to get started using one of our Breeze event management solutions!

* No software licensing issues.
* No confusing software installation issues.
* Since our solutions are all web based you can access it anywhere you have an internet connection.
* Set up your own users and too will receive a User Name and Password so your fellow employees or  volunteers can work on your event from home or office.


If you are a retuning spire client and using one of our Breeze solutions for the first time, Spire will create and configure the the solution you have selected for your organization.  

If you are new to Spire, we will work with our processor to establish your merchant account.  Once that has been accomplished, (usually with in 48 hours after the application has been submitted) Spire will create and configure your account in Luft.

It literally takes Spire less than 10 minutes to create and configure your account in Luft.


Once your account has been configured in Luft, with a click of a button, Spire Will send your organization an email to your designated manager that will contain a  User Name & Password and link to accessing your own Spire Solution.

Click the link and open our log in page using Microsoft EDGE , Google Chrome or Apple Safari as a browser, and your organization will be ready to start using your own customized Spire Event Management Solution.

Quick video showing your managers email notification and log in process and complete account configuration.

Event - Note:
With a click of a button, Luft can add or remove our Breeze Solutions to your Spire Account and provide instant access!

Breeze Solutions Are Configured To Run On Your hardware of Our Chromebooks!


Event - Note:
All Breeze users names are their email address.

That's easy to remember!

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