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As we all know, the COVID-19 pandemic has changed the business of fundraising.  Spire is proud to introduce our answer to hosting a charity fundraising event under the constraints of COVID.

What do we mean "Host a virtual live event"?  Just that!  With Tradewinds in conjunction with the video conferencing "ZOOM", you can host a live event while your guest attend from their homes, business, beach anywhere they can bring a device with an internet connection.

Here is just how easy it is to host a vive event:

Event - Note:
If your state is still under the restrictions of social gathering, why not consider hosting a virtual event? 

Event - Note:
Tradewinds gives a guest the option to bid on silent items, but it also has the "I Want It Now" option.
Ask Us What that means! 


Not only can Tradewinds host a virtual fundraising event, but why not consider selling items or taking donation between events!

With Tradewinds, you can set up a separate event and keep the revenue coming in in the off season.
Tradewinds offers solutions for today's world paired with flexibility. 

There is noting like taking something for a test spin to get to know how it works and feels.  Click on the Tradewinds logo below and you will be able to take Tradewinds for a spin.


Breeze Tradewinds

Spire's solution for hosting a live virtual auction event!

* Prior to your event, you can accomplish two tasks.
   1)  You and your staff / volunteers can build the event. Create donors for those donating
        goods or services to the event.  Create items for sale at the event, both live and silent
        auction items.  Tradewinds can also create baskets for sale at your event.

   2)  While you build your event, your guests can go to your web site and click the pre-register
        button to pre-register for the event.

* On the day and time of the auction, your "Auctioneer / event moderator will start the event
ZOOM video conferencing.   Your guest will also start and log into your event via your web
  site and start a session of
ZOOM so they can take part in the live event.

* Just like an in person event, the auctioneer will bring up live action items for auction and
  the bidding begins live.   Guest wanting to bid on live items can go to the live bidding section
  of their screen and place bids on the items being auctioned.

* When the bidding on an item as come to an end, the auctioneer can declare and set the
   winning bid and move to the next item for sale.

* Guest electing to place bids on silent auction items can go to the silent auction section of
  their screen and place bids on items that are up for auction silently.

*  That is how easy it is to conduct a COVID safe live fundraising event for your organization!

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