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Spire's Flagship for hosting and managing your fundraising event.

The Tradewinds of the old world brought merchants to the new world creating an opportunity for trading goods all over the world.  Just as the the Tradewinds blew opportunity and prosperity to the merchants of the old world.

Spire's Tradewinds is our flagship for bring your organization to a "New World" of  hosting and managing your organization's fundraising event!   Tradewinds bring your organization a truly "all in one" solution combined cutting edge technology with ease of use. 



Tradewinds is a cloud based solution that requires no downloading of any software or configuring of any hardware.  Tradewinds provide your organization the ability to not only  have your employees work on the preparing for your event, but if you have volunteers they also can help prepare for the event remotely.  Since Tradewinds is a cloud based solution, any authorized user can access the event if they have an internet connection and PC or lap top computer.  

Tradewinds is fully scaleable to meet the needs of your organization if you are hosting a small event or a large gala, Tradewinds is here for you.

Tradewinds is a Breeze to learn and a Breeze to use.  Tradewinds is also backed up with full training and support by the staff at Spire Payment Solutions.  

Tradewinds was developed to be user friendly as well as a powerful tool for managing current and future events.  Tradewinds keep track of all past and current guests that have attend your events and allows your organization the ability to create a guest list for your current and future events.  Tradewinds also creates a comprehensive list of all donated goods and services that donor have contributed for the success of your organization.  We call this inventory system an "Atomic" inventory control system.  Our "Atomic" inventory system allows you to assign items to your current event or event an event you may be hosting in the future.  Items can be assigned to be a "Live Auction Item", "Silent Auction Item", or a "Basket Item".   Basket items can be consolidated into a basket and sold as a silent auction item.   If an item does not sell at your event, it can be put back into inventory and used at a future date.


 Tradewinds also contains a very powerful tool for managing your guests and determining who is related to whom and who want to sit with whom.

Entering winning bids into Tradewinds is a breeze, items can be entered in singularly or a single item can have multiple winners assigned with a few quick key strokes.

Tradewinds guest management logic gives you the tools to easily manage your guests with a payment history and the ability to store multiple for a "split pay" senerio.

Everyone knows one of the key factors in hosting a successful fundraising event is the ability to get your guests in the event quickly and efficiently and at the end of the event, get your guests out the door with out standing in long check out lines.  That is why we have developed the "Grab N Go" check In and check our logic in Tradewinds.    When a guest arrives at the event, they can quickly store a credit card and enter the event.  Since the guest has a "card on file", when it comes to check out time al they need to do is grab their goods they have won or purchased and head out the door! 

Just a note.... guest credit card information is NEVER stored in Tradewinds!  All guest credit card information it Tokenized and purged.  Tradewinds is absolutely PCI compliant!

If your organization is looking for a truly all in one solution that in includes:

   1 - Hardware (Chromebooks) for checking guests in and out with a card reader.

   2 - Web based solution that is easy to access, easy to learn and easy to deploy.

   3 - Fully integrated cashiering component for managing all financial transactions for your guest.

   4 - Custom Merchant Services account for processing credit card sales that is created to be in the best interest of your

         organization and not the bank.

   5 - Full control over processing both credit card sales and refunds.

Then look no further, Tradewinds is here to help making you fundraising endeavors a Breeze!

There is noting like taking something for a test spin to get to know how it works and feels.  Click on the Tradewinds logo below and you will be able to take Tradewinds for a spin.


Breeze Tradewinds

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