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Event - Note:
Zephyr is fully integrated to Auction Systems Software.

Zephyr, event payment processing made simple.

Breeze Zephyr

Spire's replacement to The Spire Portal

Zephyr is not only still integrated to the old software program the portal was paired to, but it offer a number of new robust features.

If your are one of our clients that has used the Spire for your payment processing at your fundraising event in the past, say a fond farewell to our old friend the Spire Portal.   Say "Hello" to the Spire Portal replacement Zephyr!

If you enjoyed the simplicity and stability of the Spire Portal, you will really enjoy the ease of use and power of Zephyr.

* Internal template for importing guest lists.

* Export guest lists.

* Link related guests.

* Store more than one credit card.

* Process your own full or partial refunds!

* Process an individual sale or process a batch of open balances.

* Zephyr is integrated to Makani (Spire's on-line pre-event guest
   registration solution).  Pre-register event guests fro your

* Zephyr has all the bells and whistles Spire Portal users have been
  asking for and more!


Event - Note:
Process "Split Pay" payments for your guest with our ability to store multiple credit cards for your guests.

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