Here is just how easy it is to provide pre-registration for your event:

* Contact Spire to request Makani to be added to your account profile. 
  With a click of a button Makani will appear as a feature in Zephyr.

* Click the generate event link button in the event detail screen of Zephyr.  Zephyr will
   generate a link for your web master to configure a button on your web site point to Makani
   Pre-event registration.

* Copy and email the link to your web master.

* Your webmaster can create a button on on your web page promoting your

* You are now ready for your guests to pre-register for your event!

Event - Note:
Pre-registering guests for an event increases your guests guest satisfaction with your event. 

Event - Note:
Makani can pre-register not only a guest, but it can also link and pre-register friends and family for the event. 

Makani gets your guests attending your event get to the fun and festivities faster.

Breeze Makani

Spire's solution for integrating Event on-line pre-registration into Zephyr.

One of the key's to conducting a successful event fundraising event is getting your guests quickly and efficiently in the door a the beginning and out the door at the end of the event.  Makani is designed to allow guests to pre-register for "Quick Check Out" at your event.

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