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Breeze Tradewinds

Spire's solution for hosting a live virtual auction event!

To take a Tradewinds test drive, follow the simple steps below:

Click this button only after you have reviewed this entire page.

Please make note of the log in credentials.


1) Click the log in the Tradewinds button.  You will be taken to the log in screen.

2) Enter a Account Name: 
    Enter a password of: Guest01

3) You will land on the Tradewinds Dashboard page.

4) From the Dashboard, you can navigate to the all the active areas of Tradewinds.  These areas are used to create and manage your event.  (Gray tabs are not active, to be activated in the next version of Tradewinds which will manage both virtual and in-person events).



We hope you enjoy experiencing what Tradewinds offer in hosting a live virtual fundraising event.   To schedule an interactive demonstration with Spire, click on the logo below and send us a request.

If you have any questions regarding Tradewinds, please don't hesitate to give us a call!

5) To view the Auctioneer / Moderator area of Tradewinds click the " Auctioneer" button located in the upper aspect of the screen.


8) To view and Tour the guest interface of Tradewinds, click on the "Event Landing Page Preview" button.


9) To view the guest interface, select one of two log in methods.
   A ( Registered Guest Log In)  - Click on the "Returning Registered Guests" tab. 
Enter the following information:
    "Enter Your User Name (email address) =
    "Enter Your Password" = 123
    "Enter Your Bid number" = 163
This will log you in as a registered guest, you can navigate around the guest interface.
   B (Register As New Guest) - Click on the "Registration" tab and follow the new guest log in steps.  When done registering and having been provided a Bid number, click the "Log Into Event" button and enter your log in credentials.

Cheat Note - If you forget these credentials, no worries, when you navigate to the log in page, you will see an orange button that will pop up a reminder of the log in credentials.  You will also see a purple button that will cheat and auto populate the log in credentials for you!

10) To go back to the administrative side of Tradewinds, click on the gavel icon in the upper right hand corner of the layout.


One of the keys to hosting a successful fundraising event is having a quick check in and checkout process.

Spire's solutions are all equipped to get your guests in quickly and out with our proprietary "Grab N Go" credit card storage solution.  
Our Grab N Go check in and check out is PCI compliant!


William Ayres, JR
Director Of Operations

6) The Auctioneer section manages the sale of both Live and Silent auction items.

7) To go back to the administrative side of Tradewinds, click the "Go Back To Event Details" button.

1-800-545 5612 or (503) 639 - 5577

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