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Spire can not only help manage your event, we can now help promote your event!

Your organization can now have a custom made video to promote your event!

If you enjoyed the video's on our website, and wondered if your organization could have it's own video to promote your event, the answer to that question is a simple "YES"!

Capture your potential guests attention with a flashy video promoting your event.  Best of all, you will not have to purchase or learn a new software package.  

This is just how easy it is for your organization to have it's own event promotional video:

* Contact Spire and discuss if you want to use a template for your event or do you want a
   custom designed video for your event.

* Spire will quote a surprisingly low price for your video.

* When you choose your format, Spire will email you a list of elements you will need to send to
   Spire so they can design and build your video.  

* Spire will take the text and pictures you send and incorporate them into a video just for you.

* When the video is ready for review, Spire will send you a copy for your review and approval.

* Once all the alterations are complete and your organization is happy with the video,  Spire
  will send you a final copy for publication.

* Your webmaster will take the video and embed it into the event page on your website.

* That is just how easy it is to have your own video!

Below are some examples of templates we can customize for your event or we can design a vide just for you!

White Chalk Board

Black Chalk Board

Clear Board

Spire Event Promotional Videos.

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