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Breeze Tradewinds

Spire's solution for hosting a live virtual auction event!

As the country moves closer to getting back to some kind of normality, hosting a fundraising event still poses challenges 

to organizations look in to host a fundraising event.   There may be limitations on the amount of guests can can attend or 

there may be reluctancy to gather in groups due to the fear of  Covid-19.

Spire's Tradewinds meets the challenge of hosing a truly live - virtual event.  To get an idea how a virtual event works and feels, why not schedule a live demonstration with Spire!  

Here are steps you can take to to schedule and experience Tradewinds:

1) Send Spire a message requesting a date and time you would like experience Tradewinds.  We will contact you with a conformation the date and time for your demonstration.   Please plan for about 1 hour to experience what a virtual event will look and feel like.

Event - Note:
Tradewinds can carry unsold auction items to your next event.

Event - Note:
Tradewinds can create and sell baskets for your silent auction.

2) Spire will send all the attending guests a confirming email with an invitation to join the demonstration via ZOOM. 

Please let us know who will be attending ( to feel the true power of Tradewinds, up to six other people can attend the experience).
02:30 PM

Thanks for submitting!

What time zone are you in?

3) On the day of the event, please have the attending guests click on the link here or in the email invitation they received to register as a guest attending the virtual event.

3) During the demonstration, Spire will act as the "Auctioneer and the guest will be able to place live bids on items being auction as a live item or they will be able to place bids on silent auction items.

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