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Wireless Terminals

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Hypercom Optimum M4230

SureLoad thermal printer design with clear lid alerts cashiers to low paper                       conditions. The simple drop-in loading virtually eliminates paper jams and the large

     paper roll means more receipts between changes.  

Large, ADA-style, 19-key layout allows for easy key recognition.

Scan products with the reader embedded in the credit card swipe cradle.

The ARM9, 32-bit processor provides speed and functionality. It delivers four times

     the processing power and speed of the. ARM7 processor used in other devices.

With 24MB standard memory, the Optimum M4230 easily handles software size

     increases due to regulatory requirements as well as the addition of value-added


*  Secure design meets the most stringent security regulations in the industry,

     including EMV, Interac, PCI PED and PTSP.


 Verifone V400m 

   Do business anywhere any time...

  The Verifone V400m, part of the Verifone Engage portfolio, leverages the power and performance of our    latest V/OS in a modern application environment. This stylish, compact device can support loyalty,            offers and other revenue-generating opportunities. Multiple connectivity options offer maximum

  portability and flexibility for merchants on the go and in-store—and with its large, capacitive, 3.5-inch

  color touch display, intuitive user interface, greater memory, and faster processing speed, the V400m is

  great for pay-at-the-table, curbside delivery, kiosks, and line-busting.

The V400m gives you the freedom to customize the POS by offering individualized loyalty rewards and

     discounts, the ability to pay with points, personalized offers using beacons, and much more.

Includes ample memory, a powerful processor, and a secure Linux-based OS. Efficient battery allows

     for greater power management and standby time. Full-featured and charge-only base stations also


Every detail is meticulously designed for optimal usability and maximum durability—from the angle of

     the display to the textured 

     grips, elevated EMV slot and translucent paper door, no detail is left untouched.

Wireless credit card terminals are designed to meet the needs of the merchant on the go. Whether you are a seasonal business selling Christmas trees or selling your goods or services on the road, having a wireless terminal will boost your sales and increase customer satisfaction.

Merchants using a wireless credit card terminal enjoy the benefit of retail discount rates vs. paying a higher discount rate due to taking the credit card information in the field and bringing it back to the office or store to key in.

Guaranteed low rates, great customer service and flexible solutions to fit your needs.

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